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Québec Government imposes new fees for road-side access to the Diable River Fly Fishing Sector.  Fly anglers are required to pay daily/annual fees to access Sector 1 to 4 of the Diable from Duplessis Road. See HERE for more details.

NEW TRAIL MAP FOR 2017 - Diable River Fishing Sector Trail Map now available. NaturAventur worked in close collaboration with Plein-Air Mont-Tremblant and the Tremblant Tourism Association to intergrate the Diable River Fishing Sector Access points and trails to the Canot-Kayak-Fishing map - Available at the Tourism Information Offices.

NaturAventur joins organizing committee with  Devilish Flyfishers, Baroux Outfiftters  and Flyfishing Canada for Tremblant to host the 


September 1, 2016.  FOLLOW DETAILS HERE.

NaturAventur becomes exclusive sponsor of Diable River Catch and Release Program - November, 2015
Our annual $2,000 donation to the Devilish Fly Fishers serves to promote sustainable fishing practices and educate anglers on proper fish handling and release techniques.  

NaturAventur staff volunteer to host the 2015 Canadian National Fly Fishing Championships in Tremblant - September 2015. 

​For a third time, Tremblant hosted the NFFC on the Diable River and Baroux Lake Outfitter which brought together top Canadian competitors and teams.  


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Week of August 27 (DRFI 4.0):

Thing are set up for one of the best weeks of angling on the Diable River this season. Water levels are now dropping fast after last week`s near blowout levels and with cool dry weather in the forecast for most of the week - we expect some great action on the water.  The longer and very cool nights are keeping water temperatures ideal for trout who remain very active.  Cooler water temperatures are also activating our trout stillwaters which are  offering some great angling this coming week.  We are now set for a really fine end of season of angling. We continue to experience some good trout and warm water fishing action on our stillwater adventures.   


Week of August 20 (DRFI 3.0):

A bit too much precipitation over the weekend bumped up the Diable and area streams to moderate levels. More precipitation forecasted dusing the week keeps us guessing as to how high river flows will get by end of week.  One thing for sure is you can put those dries back in storage for a while and take out the tungsten.  The good side of this story is that water temperatures are exceptionally favorable for keeping the trout active and for the adventurous anglers - there is some good action to be found.  We are now set for a really fine end of season of angling. We continue to experience some good trout and warm water fishing action on our stillwater adventures.   

Week of August 13 (DRFI 4.0):

Shaping up for a very good week of angling action on the Diable.  Once again the pattern repeats with the quick bump in water levels over the past weekend slowing things down briefly but clear skies and cool temperatures over the coming week will bring back the good angling conditions we have been experiencing since mid-July.  The lower water level is offering some good dry fly action even though hatches have been few in size and frequency. We are seeing some good trout and warm water fishing action on our stillwater adventures.  ATTENTION: IRONMAN RELATED ROAD CLOSURES ON SUNDAY 20 AUGUST WILL RESTRICT ACCESS TO THE DIABLE RIVER. 

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The DIABLE RIVER is a fairly wide mountain-fed freestone river with a expansive watershed which makes it very responsive to precipitations. During early spring in April and May, water levels can be at flood levels or very high depending on ice and snow melt as well as springtime precipitations. Water temperatures can also be less than optimal for trout this time of year and afternoons on sunny days present the best fishing opportunities. The months June and July offer some of the best water conditions with optimal temperatures and levels throughout the day. Prolonged precipitations do however affect conditions during this period. As water levels drop to their lowest levels in August and September, the features of the Diable river become much better defined and the slower pace of the currents offer the best dry fly opportunities of the year. Early mornings and evenings are the best fishing times but some good surprises are always in store outside these periods. The fishing season on the Diable extends to the end of November for bass and pike with trout on a catch and release only basis from mid-September.

The DIABLE RIVER FLY FISHING ONLY SECTOR consists mainly of long stretches of pocket water, at times deep, with scattered but poorly defined pools. Streamers and nymphs are recommended for the most part with good dry fly opportunities after July. Caddis flies are abundant throughout the season with the most prolific hatches occurring in early June. There is also a good population of stoneflies with the best hatches occurring at the end of June. Mayflies are not in large abundance on the Diable, in terms of numbers and variety. Hatches are limited in size and duration with imitation or attractor patterns being the most consistent performers.

STREAMS AND TRIBUTARIES of the Diable watershed offer good spring-time fishing opportunities for brook trout and also for brown trout. Depending on the amount of precipitation during the season, these can offer good fishing throughout the season.

STILLWATER lakes provide good early season fishing opportunities for surface action on brook and rainbow trout, lake trout and also landlocked salmon on selected lakes. Several area lakes contain good populations of bass, pike, muskie and other sportfish which offers good fishing opportunities during the entire summer months with rising 

temperatures. Most can be taken on a fly. Personal boat access on area lakes is restricted and fishing them may require access fees, the services of a professional guide or use of on-site rentals.